OMEGA-3 + D3-60K

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Combo Pack:

  • Omega -3 1000mg (EPA 330+DHA220)

          ## MEGA GEM Soft gel – 100 Capsules.

  • Vit –D3 60,000IU (Weekly 1 Capsule)

## DV3 – 12 Capsules for 12 weeks

****Pasumanjal Paste 300gm (OR) Pasumanjal (RAW)1kg****
**Please mention your choice on Order notes while Checkout**

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Omega 3  1000mg

  • Omega-3 Can Improve Risk Factors For Heart Disease
  • Omega-3 Can Reduce Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome
  • Omega-3 Can Fight Inflammation
  • Omega-3 Can Fight Autoimmune Diseases
  • Omega-3 Can Improve Mental Disorders
  • Omega-3 May Help Prevent Cancer
  • Omega-3 Can Reduce Fat in The Liver
  • Omega-3 May Improve Bone and Joint Health
  • Omega-3 Can Alleviate Menstrual Pain
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Improve Sleep
  • Omega-3 Fats Are Good For Your Skin
  • Omega-3 Can Improve Eye Health
  • Omega-3 Can Fight Depression and Anxiety

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 Vit D3 60,000IU

  1. This vitamin is an essential component in our body, which helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphates from the bowel.
  2. It is vital for keeping bones and teeth healthy.



1) Omega -3 : Keep in dry and dark place,  Should not expose to direct light.

2) Vit D3 : Room temperature, dry place.

Shelf life : 18 months from the date of manufacturing


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